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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get non-branded maps?

All our maps are available in two versions: A branded map with the Mapswire logo and a non-branded map without any logo. To get a non-branded map, just go to the page with the desired map and click on Download Map.

Why do you provide blank maps?

Blank maps are useful for creating your own maps. Downloading a non-branded blank map provides you with a great starting point for your own work.

How are the maps on licensed?

Our maps are licensed under a Creative Commons license. The precise license is called Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License or CC-BY 4.0. This means, you can use our maps without paying any license fee on any project you like, private or commercial. You may even distribute our maps or edit them and distribute the derived work.

What license do I have to use for derived work?

The CC-BY 4.0 enforces that the license for your derived work ensures the restrictions of the original work. You just have to give credit to the licensor, in our case to And you have to ensure that maps derived from your work, also give credit to More about licensing of derived work is in the Creative Commons FAQ.

How do I give credit if I use your maps?

The CC-BY 4.0 license requests to give “appropriate credit” to the licensor. There are several possibilities to do this.

  1. If you use our unaltered branded maps with the “Mapswire” logo, the logo itself is the attribution.
  2. If you’re using our non-branded maps, provide a link to on the page you’re using the map.
  3. On any non-www media (eg. smartphone apps, t-shirts, newspaper) just state “” as the licensor in an appropriate manner.

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