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3 Mar 2017

Great, you’ve found your way to the Mapswire blog. I’m Stefan and I’m blogging about some of the ideas I come across while creating maps for Mapswire. I’ll tell you about the tools I’m using and where to get data to create maps that are astonishing and insightful. As you’ve probably seen, Mapswire isn’t as complete as it should be, but we’re working hard to expand the coverage of our maps and to offer you different kinds of maps for all regions of the world.

Our goal is to build the most complete directory of freely licensed maps. We use a Creative Commons Attribution license for all our work, believing that this license will be the best fit for our users. More details about licensing can be found in our FAQ section. All maps that you see on this website have the Mapswire logo printed at the edge. But for every map there is also a non-branded version as well: just click “Download Map” to download an even bigger map without the logo.

Feel free to tell your friends and co-workers about this project.

Kind Regards, Stefan

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